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Co-op bakery development area

This site encompasses the former Co-Operative Bakery, which is the dominant building remaining along the line of the Branch Canal. This site is perceived as the prime development site in the area as it would have the best views of the restored Burslem Branch Canal and across to the east. The  Bakery building is reportedly structurally unsound and proposed for demolition as part of a residential scheme.  The proposed replacement would put a pedestrian area along the waterfront with a mix of 2/3 storey residences beyond. This site would benefit from an high quality housing design.

Detailed description

A outline planning application for development of this whole site was submitted by then landowners Morston Assets in April 2011.

The extreme north east corner of this site is in different ownership and is proposed for development as part of the City Council promoted scheme for East View. We would strongly encourage the City Council to work with the present owners to ensure that the visual integrity of this development is maintained, possibly even by a land transfer to put it all into single ownership.


CMR Demolitions Ltd


Landowner, new residents, visitors to Burslem Port viewing the site from the opposite side of the canal.


This is a commercial development, but given its size and proximity to the canal needs to be delivered to a high standard. Successful delivery of this project will greatly enhance public perception of the whole area.