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Recreation area

The area lies close to the wharf, which is the arrival point for most visitors. It may therefore be appropriate to provide a play area for children in this area. Some car parking for disabled visitors arriving via Navigation Road might also be provided. Other visitor parking may also be provided close to the warehouse, unless this is to be provided elsewhere (off site.) This is the likely departure point for anyone wanting to explore the towpath or valley areas, so information will need to beprovided . Cycle hire might also be provided within this area.

Detailed description

This site will have to be raised in level as part of the restoration of the canal as it lies at or just below Trent & Mersey Canal water level. Whether the whole section is raised to towpath level or just the western edge is undecided. Calculations about the amount of earth to be removed from elsewhere on the site may influence this decision.


Severn Trent Water, Stoke-on-Trent City Council


Local community, visitors