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Warehouse and wharf

The wharf us a key commerical opportunity for the project. The warehouse appears to be largely intact and in reasonable condition, however some parts of it look to be in a precarious state. The warehouse provides a good amount of space for mixed uses. The wharf area could be used for a range of community focussed activities and events.

Detailed description

This site is presently occupied by Potteries Waste. This business will have to be relocated before work can be done on the site. It is likely that significant remediation will be required before it can be reused. It is anticipated that the historic layout of the site will be reinstated, with buildings made available for a range of community uses. The warehouse could accommodate community meeting space, a restaurant/cafe, amenity block for boaters etc. The wharf managers office could be used by site management for the proposed development. The outside space is quite substantial and could have a number of uses. The crate works was a strong visual feature in this area, and an important (lost) business and it would be good if this could be somehow recognised in order that the story of the wharf be told.

The removal of the waste site and creation of an attractive new facility will be a key factor in enhancing new the development on East View.


Potteries Waste


Potteries Waste, developers of East View, local community, visitors