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Co-op bakery section

This section of the canal opens out significantly. Views are potentially good in all directions, with the contrast of the former bakery site on one side, open land on the other and a wide section of canal between the two. It is likely that anglers will want to use this section of the canal and allowance should be made for this. a footbridge may be provided somewhere in this area as both sides of the canal will be publicly accessible. This would emphasis the physical and psychological links between community, canal and recreation areas. This section is adjacent to what is expected to be the prime residential area along the canal to the west.

Detailed description

There has been debate for many years about how best this area should be used as part of the Burslem Port Project. Various models have had a wide canal with moorings, an off-line basin to the east for moorings, soft sides, concrete sides etc. The current view is that the canal will take its original line and width, with solid sides and a soft lining on the bed. The land in this area has subsided somewhat so the current ground level is up to a metre below Trent & Mersey canal level in parts. The bank will therefore have to be built up to the east.

In 2010 a long section of the original canal banks was revealed during work parties by the Waterway Recovery Group and PM Training. Whilst this cannot be reused - the lack of strength in this construction undoubtedly contributed to the breach in 1961 - it would be interesting if part of the section, with it's unusual dovetail buttresses could be preserved and somehow displayed. This would help tell the story of the canal, the breach and of subsidence in the area. (This may be attractive in a funding bid.)

Again this has a heritage component as this section of canal historically had the best fishing in the City because it was right next to the bakery so the water was food-rich. Creating a facility for disabled anglers may be appropriate somewhere in this area.


Stoke-on-Trent City Council


Local residents, boaters, anglers, walkers


In this area some land will need to be removed but this might be used to build up the canal bank to the east. There is scope for volunteer-led works, particularly on the towpaths in this area. The developers of the Co-Operative Bakery could deliver the offside canal edge and towpath as part of their scheme - could this be conditioned via a s106 agreement?