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Wharf section

This section of the canal runs across the front of the wharf with an arm running into the wharf area, alongside the warehouse building. The junction needs to incorporate a turning area for boats and possibly short term moorings adjacent to a visitor amenity block. It has been suggested that due ot the timescale for residential developments at East View that this area be prioritised for either cosmetic or full restoration.

Detailed description

This section of canal follows the original alignment. When it reaches the wharf building the land level is almost 1m below Trent & Mersey canal level so some careful design work is needed to ensure that the interaction of the canal and warehouse looks right. It has been proposed that an amenity block for boaters (water, sewage and refuse disposal be created in this area. Some of these facilities might be provided within the warehouse building. There may be the possibility to create a number of longer term secure (i.e. paid for) residential or visitor moorings on the offside of the canal adjacent to East View.

The bridge at the north end of this section would mark the end of the canal for public visitors.

This area should interact with the wharf area in terms of activities for the public. It is possible that boating facilities will be provided; for example a trip boat, self-hire day boats, and possibly even with rowing boats for hourly hire.


Stoke-on-Trent City Council


Stoke-on-Trent City Council, boaters, visitors.


This section of the canal runs beside the main heritage asset of Burslem Port, the warehouse and wharf. It should be considered in any funding bid for restoration of that area. There is scope for volunteer-led activity in this area, particularly the creation of towpaths, moorings, amenities etc. Paid-for moorings on the offside would give an ongoing income for the area, which will contribute to ongoing maintenance costs.


This project would have to be delivered in close partnership with British Waterways, who will have very specific requirements of any connection with their waterway. It will no doubt have to be delivered by an approved contractor. There is limited scope for volunteer-led activity in this area.