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Volunteer work party - 24/3/2015

I was expecting to write this up as a report of our second work party, but technically it is our third. After clearing so much vegetation last month a couple of us went back a week later to have a huge bonfire. I can see this becoming a regular pattern as again this month we cut down more than we could burn in a day!

Volunteer work party - 24/2/2015

You never know what to expect when starting up a volunteer work party in a new area. I’d put up posters, shared the information by email and on social media, but really had no idea if anyone else would appear barring David from Burslem Port Trust. I was therefore more than a little relieved to see a group of volunteers already waiting when I arrived at Luke Street in Middleport.

The main task for this our first work party was to start cutting back trees and other vegetation that had built up since the site was last tidied up as part of a Future Jobs Fund scheme in 2010.

Burslem Port volunteer work parties

A new regular monthly work party will start in February 2015 on the line of the Burslem Branch Canal. You are invited to join our sessions on the fourth Tuesday of each month where we will undertake a range of activities to improve the line of the canal. Our first session will be on 24th February 2015, followed by 24th March, 28th April, 26th May.